Privacy policy and RODO

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Privacy policy and RODO

Our Privacy Policy explains the way, range and aim of gathering and transmission of personal data that we obtain via

The operator of service and administrator of personal data (hereinafter referred to as: Administrator) is CORSARIA S.A. with registered office in Bydgoszcz, Krzysztofa Gotowskiego ( 85-030 Bydgoszcz) entered in the Commercial Register under numer KRS 0000777959; NIP: 9671426400; REGON 382907273.

If you have queries connected with our Privacy Policy, if you want to know what personal data we transmit, if you want to change or modify the data, if you want to call off your consent to transmit the data or if you want to delete the data – please get in touch with us via e-mail:

If you use this service you give your consent to use cookies according to the provisions of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to use cookies you can change browser settings or give up using our service.

Outside supplier provides us with hosting of our service. guarantees using proper procedures and means which guarantee information security. Information about privacy policy of you will find here:

What information do we gather?

Via this service we gather two kinds of information:

  • Automatically recorded – among them there are server logs gathered by hosting operator, cookies files, and pixel tags.
  • Information given by You voluntarily while completing contact form.
  • Information given by You during conversation via livechat with us available within this service.

Why do we gather this information?

All the indicated above data are gathered for the following purposes:

  • Server logs allow us guarantee smooth and efficient service operation and react if any failures in its operation appear.
  • Cookies make it possible to show our service, to remember user’s preferences as it comes to the way of user’s show, to create remarketing lists that make it possible to show customised advertisements in advertisement networks as well as to analyse anonymous statistics of service responsibility; facebook pixel is also helpful in the management of advertisements shown on facebook.
  • Data from contact form we use to get in touch with you in order to answer your question.
  • Data from live chat we use to get in touch with you in order to answer your questions and queries.

What are cookie files?

  • Cookies are small text files recorded on your PC, tablet or smartfone when you search internet services. These files contain different information which make it possible for the service to show properly. They are completely safe, they do not modify operation of your software and they do not allow to identify your personal data.
  • Due to cookies browser ‘remembers” your personal preferences as it comes to service look (for example font size, language etc.), you may use services that require loging (thanks to cookies you do not have to log again if you move to other subwebsites in such services); it s also possible to analyse every move in the service and to check which of its subwebsites are visited and how often.
  • Browsers implicitly allow to record cookies and their later reading by server that created them. Browser settings may be freely changed by you as you individually decide if you want the cookies to be recorded and to what extend. You may delete the recorded cookies anytime. Please bear in mind that if you completely block cookies record you will probably be deprived of the possibility to use some of the functions of internet service you visit. More information about cookies you will find on:

What are server logs?

This is anonymus information ( such as IP address, time of visiting website, kind of browser, URL address of the subwebsites visited, occurence of operation errors of the services visited) recorded on server when visiting service. Logs are stored on server and used only in order to guarantee a smooth service operation.

How and why do we gather service statistics?

In order to examin anonymus statistics concerning the way of our service use by internet users, we introduced two services that use cookies:

  • Google analytics service – detailed information about privacy policy you will find on:
  • Yandex Metrica service – detailed information about privacy policy you will find on

Statistical data concerning service visiting help us understand how its users use it and then develop the service in a way that it will become very friendly for its users and it will provide them with valuable content.

Contact form

Completing contact form in the tab CONTACT, you give us the following personal data: first name, surname, your company’s name, e-mail address and optionally phone number. You give us the abovementioned data freely but please bear in mind that it is necessary for us to be able to answer your question. We do not transfer the data to any third persons.

Links to other services

On some of our subwebsites you may find links directing you to other websites. We place them in order to make it easier for you to get to the contents included in the websites. The Privacy Policy you are reading concerns only . We are not responsible for privacy security in the services you visit by clicking the links placed by us. We encourage you to to become familiar with privacy policy in these services, particularily if they gather personal data.

Additional information concerning personal data processed by us

Ina case of carrying out recrutation proces we proces personal data of candidates who freely sent us CV. The data are processed till the end of recruitment proces or if a candidate agrees the data are processed in other recruitment processes in the future. In order to take part in recruitmnent proces it is necessary to give personal data as regards art. 221 of Laobour Code, including names, surname, contact data, date of birth, information about professional experience, qualification and education. Givng other data, including candidate’s image are voluntary.

Realizing our basic activity we also process personal data of our debtors obtained from their creditors as well as commonly available sources

Data is processed for the folowing purposes:

  • performance of agreement between debtor and original creditor the rights of which we entered under receivables assignment agreement including all the claims ( that is art. 6 paragraph 1 letter b GDPR),
  • performance of legal obligations arising from accounting provisions and tax law particularily as it comes to issuing and keeping invoices nad accounting documents ( that is art. 6 paragraph 1 letter c GDPR),
  • protection of legally justified interests realised by us or third party, particularily ceasing the possibility of further enforcement of claims in case of debtor’s insolvency, as well as recording negotiation track and gathering evidence in case of court proceedings ( that is art. 6 paragraph 1 letter f GDPR).

Debtors’ personal data is made available for the following entities:

  • entities supplying and supporting data transmission systems of the Administartor
  • entities providing advisory and audit services for the Administrator
  • entities providing transport, spedition, courier and postal services
  • entities providing services in electronic way including public receivables stock market
  • entities providing accounting services for the Administrator
  • state agencies particularly courts, bailiffs, trustees, authorities and their representatives.

Personal data will be transferred to state/international organisation in accordance with commonly obeyed legal regulations and data security.

Data security will be preserved for no longer than it is necessary for the achievement of purposes, that is:

  • for the time necessary to conclude and perform the above mentioned agreement or till the time of the last possibility to enforce debt
  • for the period of time defined in provisions of law, particuraily for the period of time that the invoices and accounting documents must be stored in accordance with legal regulations.

Your right connected with personal data processing

You have right to:

  • access to your personal data processed by us and its correction,
  • demand your personal data deletion (if groundlessly processed), limit its procession and to transfer your personal data to other administrator,
  • to lodge an objection as to the your personal data processing,
  • to lodge a complaint to the President of Data Protection Office as regards infringement of your right to personal data protection or other rights guaranteed by GDPR.

Change of Privacy Policy

In case of any change of our Privacy Policy we will inform about it modifying records on this subwebsite,