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What do we do?

We purchase settlements with clients of economic entities in bankruptcy, restructuring or being at the stage of liquidation as well as liquidated ones. In other words we buy settlements arising from invoices paid after due date and issued by bankrupt or liquidated companies for services or products sold their clients.

The offer of Corsaria S.A. is for:

  • trustees managing the assets of companies in bankruptcy in order to satisfy creditors’ claims
  • restructuring consultants,
  • liquidators.

What will you gain selling settlements with clients to Corsaria S.A.?

If you are restructuring consultant…

Selling settlements of a company in bankruptcy enables to obtain additional funds to bankruptcy estate. The funds may used for creditors’ claims repayment.

If you liquidate your company or you have liquidated your company within the last 5 years

Selling settlements with your former clients makes it possible to get back part of the money you put into the business you have run. It does not matter whether your company still exists or whether it has been deleted from the Entrepreneurs Activity Register.

In case of paid and unpaid invoices you still remain part of agreements that you concluded with your clients. Potentially it is still possible to accrue interests or other unpaid settlements. It is a real chance to get back part of the money you put into your business by selling these settlements to Corsaria S.A. in spite of the company’s liquidation.

How does the transaction progress?

First you submit all the invoices issued by liquidated or bankrupted company for analysis. Information about real dates of payments made by client are crucial.

Next you receive recommendation which is going to show you which settlements have potential for you to get back some capital. At the same time you receive from us purchase offer containing price.

Once you accept the offer you will receive necessary documents from us (among others receivable assignment agreement). After signing the abovementioned agreement by both sides , price will be paid to bank account indicated by you.

Easy, isn’t it?

If you want to learn more, give us a call. We are very eager to meet you and explain the details

Clear and understandable