Debtor’s zone

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What should you do if you receive payment demand from Corsaria S.A.

First of all it means that Corsaria S.A. is your creditor under receivables assignment agreement concluded with one of your business partners. The receivables may arise from:

  • default interest,
  • compensation,
  • fine,
  • services or products sold you,
  • unpaid principal amount.

We inform you about your debt in notification about receivables assignment agreement. It follows from the notification who the seller of the receivables is, when the agreement was concluded and which receivables the agreement concerns. Attachment containing information about all the receivables sold by your former business partner with details such as value, due date, date of origin etc. is the integral part of the notification about receivables assignment agreement.

Secondly if you became the debtor of Corsaria S.A. it would be best if you paid your debt as soon as possible as it would shorten the stage of amicable collection to minimum. If we do not receive payment within the time limit specified in payment demand, your debt will be put up for auction on the biggest internet debt exchange.

What does it mean?

Sale offer of your debt will become public and generally available. Internet debt exchanges are very well positioned. It means that potential clients or suppliers searching information about your company in internet will easily find it. Information about your overdue amounts will be easy to find as well which may decrease the willingness of establishing cooperation with you.

Additionally the biggest debt exchanges very often publish offers of debt sale in partner services. They are also often connected and they exchange information with many popular accounting systems which may for example block delivery to these companies which debts are put up for sale.

Next your case will be brought to court.

When a judgement is passed, court may add to your debt various costs, such as:

  • court fees
  • costs of legal representation
  • interest,
  • cost of power of attorney.

It means the additional increase of the amount of receivables.

As a consequence of further payment delay your debt will be directed to court bailiff proceedings. At this stage you may expect additional bailiff costs and attachment of your bank account. If your bank finances the activity of your company you may be asked difficult questions and your agreement may be terminated.

That is why it is best to pay your debt immediately within the deadline set.

It would be better. Don’t you think?