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How you can take advantage of cooperation with Corsaria S.A.?

Trustee or restructuring consultants

You are trustee or restructuring consultant. Your task is to put a company’s issues in order or to sell its assets and distribute the money among its creditors as well as among its shareholders if it is possible. Most probably performing duties of a trustee, your possibilities are limited. Lack of people, poor conditions, disorder in documentation and a long queue of persons laying claims to what is one’s due …

We will take care of the receivables and calculate notes and fines. We will prepare all the data for you in order to draw up receivables assignment agreement and to let you perform duties of a trustee instead of concentrating on papers. Next we will purchase from bankruptcy estate what you will be willing to sell, for example untypical assets of bankruptcy estate. It will enable you obtain funds for claims repayment.


You may also be a liquidator. Your aim is to sell a company’s assets as fast as possible and its division among shareholders. We can help you with this as well.

We will buy all the receivables and settlements with former clients of the company in liquidation. We will calculate notes and prepare all the documentation.

Trustee, restructuring consultant, liquidator – we have an interesting offer for each of you. Take a look into the tab OUR OFFER and find out how we can help you.

Yes, we can help you with this.

We will take care of everything in order for you to jump in at the deep end of new possibilities.